Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary Kip

Kip and I celebrated our sixth anniversary on Saturday and this is the card I made for him. We have a tradition of doing something new and hopefully different every year and we alternate years planning. With an anniversary the week before Christmas we put more thought into our activity than our gifts. As far as the gifts so, we give each other something that somehow relates to the "traditional" gift for that year.

This was my year to plan our anniversary activity. I started thinking a while back and came up with dance lessons. I do not dance at all. Ever. I have two left feet and am not the most graceful person in the world. But Kip enjoys dancing. We have never danced together because I do not dance. I arranged to have us go in to a local dance studio for a private dance lesson together and unknown to Kip I have also taken a few lessons by myself so that I can feel more comfortable. He was very shocked that I had planned this because of my precious reluctance to dance at all. We haven't had our lesson yet, but I can't wait to show him what I learned.

Since our activity revolved around dancing, I wanted an image of a couple dancing. It took me forever to find one that I really liked. I found this one called As You Wish from Tiddly Inks that I thought was perfect. It is colored with Copic markers, papers are from my stash and the flowers and pearls came from Michael's.

The traditional gift for the sixth anniversary is iron or candy. Kip gave me a cast iron tea set with a tea pot and two tea cups. It is gorgeous. I look at these all the time but never with the intention of buying one. I love it though, it is the most beautiful shade of blue. I gave him a cast iron Korean BBQ plate and a copy of Iron Man 2 for his movie collection. His BBQ plate can either be used on the stove top or on the grill. We just bought a grill this summer and he has had a lot of fun learning how to cook on that.

Thanks for reading all about my anniversary!


Crafty Cre8tions said...

What wonderful and creative gifts you gave to each other! Happy Anniversary!!!!! Good luck with the dance lessons!!

Your card is just so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!


Kathy and Lucky said...

Oh, I just love your gift and I love how you both give such touching and thoughtful gifts, the teas set sounds great. Happy Anniversary to you both :) Your card is wonderful and what great coloring, I would have glazed over with all that open space, but wow you did awesome. Such an elegant background.

jimlynn said...

Perfect image for your anniversary and I love your pretty card! What a great way to celebrate your anniversary too - dance lessons! So fun and I know your husband will be so happy with this gift!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Tammy said...

Gorgeous card's perfect for your Anniversary and the coloring is awesome! OMGosh I hope you have fun at your dance classes!! My hubby and I took lessons many years ago and it was sooo fun!!

Lorraine said...

Your card is beautiful, Gina! What a romantic image and you have colored it beautifully! And wow, it's cool that you have your own anniversary traditions. And beautiful gifts and dancing - who could ask for more? Hope you have fun dancing!

Scrapping Julie said...

aw. i love that yall are so thoughtful like that! can i come watch the dance lessons? LOL. ballroom or what? that is too cool gina to put your fears aside and do this for him

Runnergirl Creations said...

Congrats!! A beautiful card!! :)

Heather Huggins said...

Happy Anniversary. Cool background paper. Merry Christmas!