Thursday, August 14, 2014


Wow it has been forever since I posted on here. I am still creating and making things though, I have just had a very busy year. My Mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has started chemo. I decided that I wanted to make her a lap blanket to take with her. I started out with the concept of a prayer shawl, but knew she would prefer a blanket, Many prayers were said for her, my Dad, and for her nurses and doctors during the making of this blanket. I wanted a physical reminder that she was covered in prayers. Mom really wanted something a little longer than a lap blanket, so I made it long enough that she could completely cover herself with it. 

I haven't been crocheting for very long and this was by far the biggest thing I have made. I have only done a couple of small baby blankets before this. I am having  fun with it though and have already started another project!

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