Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Card Cupids

Have you heard of this group? From the Card Cupids blog:

They provide encouragement and joy to children by sending cards, stuffed animals, coloring books and art supplies to children that are facing difficult challenges in their lives. The organization is designed to send a bundle of cards to needy children  for their birthday or in a time of need, along with a cuddly stuffed animal. Card Cuddle care packages are sent to numerous children hospitals, foster care and homeless shelters. 

I am so glad my friend Karen told me about them. Learning about Card Cupids touched a special place in my heart, because as a child I spent quite a bit of time in the hospital. I remember how long and boring those days were, and how exciting it was when someone would bring in mail to pass out. I grew up in Cleveland, TN but most of my back surgeries were done in Atlanta, GA far away from friends and family. My parents were able to stay with me but three hours (one way) was a bit much to expect any other visitors. Getting cards in the mail was something I looked forward to each day. Of course I got cards from my family and people from my church, but I also received cards from people I didn't know from my grandparents' churches and their friends. It didn't matter to me where those cards came from. Even as a kid I remember being touched that those people that didn't know me took the time to send me a pretty card. The joy didn't just come from opening those cards either, my Mom would hang them up all around my room and all of those cards really brightened up my hospital room. 

The Card Cupids blog has a monthly challenge. and for the month of April and that challenge is to make a journal. I decided to make a journal for a little boy. I had bought a bunch of these plain journals because I got them at a great price and I realized they would make the perfect journal for a young child because the pages do not have lines on them. That makes them great for writing and perfect for drawing! I have lots of little girls in my life and rarely get to make little boy things. For my journal, I used an older dinosaur stamp set from Clear Dollar Stamps.

If you have the time I would love it if you would check out the Card Cupids page and help out if you can or participate in the challenge. If you are like me and most other card makers I know you probably have a stash of cards. What a great way to help bring a smile to someone's face.

I am also very happy to tell you that I will be a Design Team member!


Anonymous said...

What a great cause! I love the journal you created and I'm sure it'll make the kid that gets it very happy.

jimlynn said...

What a wonderful cause and a great way to spread love all around!
Cute journal with the little image and just know that it will brighten some little boys day.

Pat (mspfd) said...

Oh Gina, no wonder you are such an avid cardmaker! Thanks for sharing your story. The journal is adorable and will bring lots of smiles to a special little boy.

Kathy and Lucky said...

This is wonderful, what a great idea and I am sure so appreciated, especially since you can relate to getting. This is just darling and I am sure will definitively be loved. I read your comment and I guess you are in the tornado zone, being from CT it is still new for me, but I don't freak every time they say tornado now :) just cautious.

Lorraine said...

Perfect journal for a little boy, Gina! and such a great cause! Congrats on being on the DT!!!

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

What a great journal for a young child. I will definitely go check out the Card Cupids!

DianeMoneyGoolsby said...

Gina: What a wonderful child's journal. Love reading your blog.