Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Bead Work

Since I have been in the process of moving my craft room, I have found lots of supplies that I forgot that I had and lots of things I haven't used in a while. Has anyone else ever bought a duplicate of a product because you couldn't find the one that you know you already bought? Come on, admit to it so I don't feel so alone! While emptying boxes and setting up my new shelves, I found not one, not two or three, but four cans of spray adhesive. I mean, how does a person lose three cans of that stuff? It isn't something that I use a lot, but when I needed it, I needed it! I also have three cans of spray sealer (hey, at least I only lost two of those!) I am hoping that my new shelves will help combat that problem. Everything is a little more open and they are right there together where I can see most everything.

These are some book thongs that I made for some special little girls for their birthdays. Both are avid readers and I think they will enjoy them. I have made them tons of bookmarks over the years and they use them until they are pretty worn. Each girl is getting one made with her favorite colors. The little charm on the end says "follow your dreams".

Well I am off to work on the crafting space a little more. I am hoping to have it done soon and when I do, I will share pictures with you!


Marlene said...

Book thongs are awesome! One of my bloggy friends made me one and sent it to me (from Malaysia!) a while back. These are so cute!

Maria Matter said...

Book thongs...adorable idea Gina!

This post is too funny, and hits close to home! I'm always losing things and buying new ones lol

have fun arranging your crafty area!
hugs & blessings!

Scrapping Julie said...

love these gina. i would like to make some for Christmas gifts!