Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back from Vacation--Lots of Pics

Kip and decided to head out on vacation last week. I didn't have time to schedule some posts to go live while I was gone because I was too busy getting everything packed. Since we were both going to be gone, I didn't announce it anywhere online that we wouldn't be at home this week. After talking about it a bit, we decided to head out to Savannah, GA for a week long vacation. It was heavenly. We were both in dire need of a vacation and this one was pretty great. We had a nice mix of seeing new things, visiting new places, eating incredible food and getting in some relaxing time as well. We started out last Saturday morning and since we were passing through Chattanooga we met my sister and her husband and son for lunch. After enjoying our lunch with them we drove the rest of the way to Savannah.

Here are some of the random photos I took. I will add a little explanation of what they are. They are a little jumbled up and not really in the order that our vacation went!

This is a photo looking at at the River Walk area in Savannah. I have a thing about taking photos of fences and trees! I loved that brick work against the cement of the sidewalk with the brick buildings in the background.

One of the things that we did was drive out to Tybee Island. On the way back we stopped at Uncle Bubba's for dessert. We were still full from lunch but wanted to eat there so we sampled the Strawberry Shortcake and the Key Lime Pie. Everything we ate on vacation was fantastic and this was no exception. This was a photo I took just behind and to the side of the restaurant.

This is a photo of my feet in the ocean at Tybee Island. The very, very cold ocean. I just had to get my feet in there though!

Another fence picture! This was also on Tybee Island. I just loved those little yellow flowers and the zig zag fence on the sand.

This was walking out onto the pier area on Tybee.

This is one of those photos that I just happened to have the camera ready as that little bird took a drink of water from that pipe. Normally when I try to capture something like that on film I wind up with a big blur. I am very happy with this photo.

One of the park areas in Savannah.

The Cotton Exchange building with the griffin fountain in front.

The famous Waving Girl statue in Savannah.

The port area.

We had a fabulous time. It rained and was overcast the first couple of days we were there but all in all it was a great trip. We took a trolley tour around Savannah on the first day and then later in the week we took The Movie Tour to see some of the sites where movies have been filmed in Savannah. In addition to touring Savannah and driving out to Tybee Island we also drove to Hilton Head. While in Savannah, I found a fabulous kitchen store called Kitchens on the Square that I ended up shopping in on two separate days. My love for kitchen gadgets even exceeds my love of stamps and markers, so I was really in heaven in that store. I also love hot teas, and we founds a couple of stores that had some amazing tea blends that I was able to purchase. We headed home yesterday morning and then as we passed through Chattanooga this time we met my parents for dinner. Today we are just vegging out and trying to catch up on the laundry!


Scrapping Julie said...

awesome gina. so glad you and kip had a getaway. i have always wanted to visit savannah ga. still hope to someday. your pics are fantastic!!

jimlynn said...

Great photos of your trip! Sounds like y'all had a good time! That's great. Wish I'd been with you!

Crafty Cre8tions said...

Looks like a great time!! I was in Savannah last year about this time! Was soo much fun!!

I enjoyed your pictures :)

Kathy and Lucky said...

Thanks so much for sharing,sounds like you had an awesome time. I have always wanted to visit Savannah and now I got a taste from your wonderful pictures.

Karin said...

Thanks for sharing your awesome photos! Looks like a great city and so glad you had a wonderful time!

MiamiKel said...

Great photos! I could totally live there :) It reminds me of the movie Dear John, which I loved :) Glad you had a good time!

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your vacation. Thank you for sharing the pics. It looks like you had a great time. I would really love to get to Savannah some day. It is on my list of "Places To Go".