Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Stuff

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you celebrated, a happy Mother's Day. We bought my MIL a bracelet and necklace set from the craft fair that we went to last weekend. The woman that makes these makes all of the glass beads by hand and it is gorgeous. I wish I had thought to take a picture of them! I decided to make another box with a drawer as my gift holder. I used this image from Deidre Mosher. I wanted to keep it kind of simple and elegant looking so I chose to go with just a sentiment instead of an image that needed to be colored. 

Here is a side view:

I do not make cards for my MIL for Mother's Day. I do for other occasions, but Kip likes to pick out her card on Mother's Day and I think he should. I usually make something, like a gift tag or the box or bag that we will put her gift in, just not the card.

I do have to say I have an awesome MIL. I know friends and have heard of so many people that do not, which makes me appreciate mine all the more. We are very different in most ways; she is very elegant and classy and put together at all time and the best two words to describe me and my style are quirky and eclectic (aren't those nice words for...kind of weird??). I have a funny story from my wedding that some of you may know, but I never mentioned her reaction. I had decided to wear hot pink, high-top, Chuck Taylor tennis shoes under my wedding dress. When she realized that, I know she was probably mortified, but the only look was a little shock and I told her that I had always said, ever since I was a young teenager that those were my plans and to her enormous credit all she said was "Well, that is great then, I am glad you are getting to do it". I know she loves me and accepts me, quirks and all. She has a great sense of humor though and she is kind of crafty so we do have things in common.

Since I am the only one in the family that isn't a mom, I usually host the entire family for a Mother's Day lunch. I do all the cooking and will only let the guys help with clean up, my MIL and SIL get to do nothing, not because they don't offer, but because I won't let them. Here is a picture of my table setting for this year:


Kathy and Lucky said...

What a wonderful, sweet lady you are to host the lunch and such a beautiful table. Sure got a chuckle from your story, that really is too funny. Your box is amazing and so elegant, what a wonderful piece of art to have on a vanity or table, really gorgeous.

jimlynn said...

This box is just awesome!!! So pretty in the black and white and just that very small touch of pink! GORGEOUS!!!!
Love the wedding shoes too! So fun and think it's great! You'll have to post a pic of that some day!
Beautiful table setting and so sweet of you to do this for the mom's in your life!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Gina, if the bracelet and necklace is a beautiful as your box, your MIL will be thrilled wit this gorgeous gift. Bet she will love how pretty your table is decorated.

MiamiKel said...

SO SO elegant and beautiful! What a gorgeous tablescape - so lovely! Your box is just breathtaking - what a creative touch you have!

Cheryl said...

Gina, the box you created is so gorgeous and elegant! I love the classy color combination of black & white. Your table setting is also beautiful.


Scrapping Julie said...

aw gina. i bet she thinks you are the best daughter in law ever!!
i too love my mother in law and am very grateful for our relationship. how so very nice of you to make over the moms and share that beautiful table setting! happy almost birthday!!!!

Emkay said...

That gift box is stunning.

Tammy said...

Gorgeous box Gina! I love how you've framed the sentiment!! Beautiful table setting also!
Tammy x

Annette Bowes said...

Gorgeous gift box and the jewellery sounds beautiful to! Can't just picture your hot pink tennis shoes Gina and the expression on your MIL face sounds fairly similar to my MIL when I said I was making and decorating my own wedding cake lol! We had a snow scene with the bride and groom at the top of the ski slope lol! Love your beautifully decorated Mothers Day table how special you made it for your inlaws. Have a lovely weekend, take careX:)

Lorraine said...

What a beautiful & elegant looking box/drawer you created! She will love it! and you are so sweet to host everyone! Your MIL has a great DIL!

Karin said...

What a great story about your MIL...I know that you know you are blessed having this wonderful woman in your life...I'm sure she loved the elegant table you set! What a special day :)