Monday, January 12, 2009

A few things

My hard drive is shot. Yes, those are tears hitting the screen. I am
hoping to get a new one today or tomorrow and then get Kip to install
it and get me up and running in a day or two so I can start posting on
my blog again. This post was done on my phone, but it's not so easy to
type a blog post using only my thumb! Just a word of advice: make sure
all your important stuff is backed up, especially your pictures. We
haven't been able to retrieve anything as of yet, but am holding out
hope that it is still possible. Thanks for being patient with me and
for your encouragement!

I thought I would share few of my crafting related goals for the year.
(1) I want to work on my sewing skills. I have a good sewing machine
and some basic knowledge but I want to learn more so that I can
actually start to make some useable items. (2) Start a system for
organizing my supplies. I have the stuff I use all the time fairly
organized, it's the things that I don't use everytime I craft that I
tend to lose. We are going to be redoing some of our living space in
the house over the next few weeks and I am hoping to better organize
as I get set up in the new space. (3) Participate in more challenges,
not just the ones that are easy! (4) I make a lot of cards. Even
though I send quite a few, I want to try to look for more
opportunities to brighten someone's day.


Karen from PA said...

Hey Gina, I hope things are looking up on the computer end. You must be excited about redoing your living space to reorganize your craft stuff. I love organizing my craft stuff, sometimes I think I have more fun organizing than crafting.

Anonymous said...

Gina, hope things get ALOT better with your computer! I think all of the goals you listed are great!

Melyssa said...

Hi Gina, wow your thumbs must have cramped typing all this post!! LOL. I love sewing my paper crafts (saves on glue..LOL). My hubby is supposed to clean my computer out for me. I'm still waiting!!

One Creative Life said...

Sorry to hear you are having computer troubles Gina. If you come up with some great organizing ideas please share :)

Anne Power said...

Good luck-it'll be okay-one way or another!