Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home Organization Binder

No school today! Since the girls' mom is out of town I decided to take to day off too, they hate going to Kid's Club at the school. Jenna is writing a story for and illustrating it with my stamps. She needed a toucan stamp and imagine my surprise when I actually found one! Other than that we are just hanging out, taking it easy.

One of my main goals this year is to get a little more organized. When I saw this project on Erica's blog,  knew I needed one too. We have been doing better with our home organization, but it's nice to have everything in one spot. I used Boards and Beams from PTI for the house and the letters are Sizzix Round Table alphabet set. My wonderful friend Julie let me borrow this image and I loved it so much I had to order my own. My house is colored with Prisma markers. I could not get a picture of this without the flash showing up and without the flash it was just too dark. 

If you are interested, inside my binder are dividers and I have the following sections:
     Calendar: We both have schedules that change frequently and I cannot live without a      
         calendar. I have calendars for the entire year for long term planning. On our refrigerator
         we have a dry erase calendar that has a space for each day of the week. On Sunday nights I
         transfer that week's information. If I am really on top of everything I also write in the 
         meals so I know what needs to be pulled out of the freezer each day.
      Housework Lists: We made lists of things that need to be done around the house and then 
         separated that list into things that need to be done on a daily basis, weekly basis and a 
         monthly basis. We alternate who does what. Kip also had the great idea for us both to 
         come up with what needs to be done for it to be considered done. For instance, one of us
         HATES putting away laundry and when it is my my turn, I forget to put it away. All those
         lists are in this section.
     Projects: A new thing for us,but we are planning to do some rearranging and other things 
         around the house and this is where we will keep up with all that information. 
     Goals: Just a way to track our progress as we try to meet certain goals, right now, saving for         furniture.
     Menu: I try to preplan our meals, sometimes doing better than others. My meal planners 
        are in this section as well as recipes that I find and want to try. Erica's blog is great for 
        that too! 
     Lists: I will keep things like birthday lists, Christmas lists and other things like that in here.
Plus there is a section for each of us to file things in and a folder with a velcro closure for receipts. Have a great day!


Jennifer Scull said...

wow! good for you! just maybe you will inspire some of us (read ME!!) to do the same! ;)

Carmen said...

Good luck!! I hope it helps you out. Me...I just need an assistant lol!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!

One Creative Life said...

Way to go Gina! I love your binder. I hope it helps you to stay organized!

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful...what a great idea!