Friday, May 15, 2009

Car Trip Riley

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend. It is raining and storming here, again. The sun came out for about 20 minutes today and it was so nice and warm, but the rain is back. I spent a large chunk of time today sitting at the DMV trying to renew my license. That is always so much fun and to make it even more fun, the camera was not working correctly which made everything that much slower. It also made for some interesting entertainment listening to people complain. I never go anywhere without a book, my phone, paper and pen, and usually my DS, I can entertain myself for hours if I have to.

The challenge today in the Hanna Stamps forum on SCS is to make a one layer card, using on the base layer. You could add any number of embellishments but you had to keep it to this one layer. I normally color Rileys with Copics and Prisma markers but since they bleed through, I used Prismacolor pencils and OMS. I have had that chipboard sentiment forever and no longer remember where it came from. I tried to create a road scene, drawing in the road, grass, patch of wildflowers and using the chipboard as a billboard.

As I was looking through my stamps for an image to use for the challenge, I decided to make this card and leave it for Kip as I leave to go on my trip in the morning. He is being such a good sport about me leaving him for the weekend and not celebrating my birthday with him. Here's a conversation we had earlier in the week:
 Kip: "You know you haven't dropped any hints about what you want for your birthday this year"
Me: " I really just want money for my trip so I can buy stamps when I get to Papertrix"
Kip: "So let me see if I understand; you want to go away from me to celebrate your birthday and as a gift you want money so that you can go away from me and celebrate your birthday. Does that about sum it up?"
Me: "Well, yeah, but that makes it sound not nice"

All in all, he does a pretty good of picking out gifts for me, he;s never bought me a chain saw or a mop or anything like that and he does put thought into his gifts. Last Christmas he bought me a food processor and got some teasing from his mom and sister. But it was something that I had been wanting for a long time and just wouldn't buy myself. He doesn't have an easy out either, I am not a jewelry person and it's hard for him to keep up with the craft stuff I have so he does have to pay attention. He started making my cards after we had been married for a few months. Here is the card he made me this year:
I am off early in the morning. I will try and post some pictures here. I am not sure if the will have descriptions, but I will try to remember how to do that from my phone. Have a great weekend!


Karen from PA said...

I love your card. You are so good at creating the scene cards. I have never quite mastered that art.
Your husband has TALENT..and you're such a lucky girl.
Have a WONDERFUL Birthday!!!!

Kay said...

have a fabulous birthday!! Spend lots of money on fabby new stuff and come back here to tell us all about it and be jealous!

Becky said...

Gina what an awesome scene you created, I love it.

specialcraftmom4 said...

I love that little Moose! Very cute cards Gina (: Hope you have a great weekend!

Jackie said...

Very cute and nicely colored! tfs!!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Your husband sounds like a gem! What a lovely card. Happy birthday and enjoy your trip!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Oops, forgot to say your Riley card is adorable. Very clever and creative. Love the addition of the 'billboard'!

And your husband make you the sweetest card..... I am really impressed!

Wendy said...

I hope you have a great birthday trip! Sounds like fun. What a cute card too! :)

Silli said...

very pretty cards... Love your coloring!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

The scene you created for car Riley is adorable. And how appropriate to have a car theme after spending the day at DMV.

mamia said...

Lovely card, have a great birthday!

katiesniche said...

I love it. A man who will let you go out for your birthday to buy stamping stuff, and he'll even stamp with you! Not something you hear of every day ;)
Happy Birthday (belated). I hope you had a good one!!

Cheryl Walker said...

Awww, Happy Birthday hun!!!! Sorry im late, but better late than never:)

Hope you have a safe trip tooo!!!!

your card is darling :)


The Mama Monkey said...

This card is so cute! I love the flowers in the background!

Kip sounds like my DH...I went to that Craft Fair over Mother's Day. :)

Carmen said...

Happy really belated b-day from me! :) I love that DH made this sweet card for you. He sounds like a keeper!