Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Treats and Party (lots of pics)

I guess this will wind up my Halloween posts for the year. I love Halloween and all the fun that goes into it. I love seeing all the trick or treaters dressed up in their cute little costumes as I pass out candy. I don't usually get into all the scary stuff since most of my little visitors are on the very young side, but I do love all the cute, fun stuff. Here are the treats that I made for Samantha to take to school with her this year. 
She picked out all the different patterns of paper that I had and we made as many different ones as we could. I made the sour cream containers and the she stuffed them with Hershey kisses and then she stamped the little tag and then wrote her name on the back of the tags.

When I make things for them, I usually show them several samples that either I have made or found online and then let them choose what they want to give out/help me make. Jenna picked these:
Since she is in middle school now, I didn't know if she would want to make something or not, but I was happy that she still wanted to participate. She informed me that there were 57 kids in her grade and that would be too many to make, so we settled on the 15 that are in her advisory group since that is how they celebrate birthdays and everything. I used a Shirley's 2 Girls image on these candy bar sleeves. 

We started out planning to incite my in-laws over on Halloween night for dinner. At the last minute, I decided to have a little party and ended up inviting about 20 people over for chili. Here are some random pics of my decorations:
I rolled my napkins and then added Halloween rings for my napkin rings.

This was the centerpiece of my dining room table. See my little candy men??

And a close up of the candy bowls, eyeballs and vampire teeth candies!

My cupcake display! 

Thanks for looking if you stuck around this long. 

Here is what I am grateful for today.


Karin said...

Wow, everything looks so fun! I think sour cream containers are just super adorable anytime, but I love yours in all the different papers. Huge cupcake fan too, so I love the spider web icing. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Gina!
How fun are all of these Halloween things!


Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

You did such a great job on all you Halloween treats. Love them all!

Keva said...

Those sour cream containers are so cute. You did a fantatsic job with all of it. Hope you guys had a great time..

Keva said...

Oh, and yes..we ARE close! That's so funny.

Marlene said...

Halloween looks like a fun time at your house!! Those candy bar wrappers are the cutest!