Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bit off more than I can chew...

Ever have one of those ideas that sound so great in your head, but end up not being so great? We are in the middle of one of my ideas like that. I don't have any stamping projects to show you tonight. I decided to organize and re-organize the house this weekend, including my stamps. For those of you that do not know Kip and all that well, I will start with this story. We met in January of 2005, started hanging out as friends after a short while (I found out he liked Sushi). Our first "real date" was on July 9th. He asked me to marry him on October 9th and we got married on December 17, 2005. Hey, when you know it is the right thing, you know it. Well, we were both in our 30s and getting married for the first time. That means I had an entire house full of stuff and so did he. After the wedding we went on out honeymoon to Lake Tahoe and returned on Christmas Eve, celebrated the holiday and then started the wonderful process of moving me into his house. I planned the wedding of my dreams in nine weeks so I didn't have time to slowly pack and sort through things! That is my excuse anyway. Really I am a terrible packer and have been every time I have moved not matter how much time I have. Anyway, to make this long story a little shorter, we ended up turning one bedroom into nothing but a storage area. And most of the downstairs. We keep saying we are going to move into a larger house one day, so I was hanging on to a lot of my stuff, even the junk.

I decided this was the weekend to declutter since we had three days. We re-did the guest bedroom, including the closet. It looks a lot better and I think we made better use of the space of that tiny room. We also tackled that back room that became a storage area. So far we are getting there. My goal is to have it as a bedroom by tomorrow. We have already taken two large loads to Goodwill and thrown away a ton of stuff. Junk stuff that wasn't good enough to do anything else with. Of course we are both exhausted at this point! I found some pieces of kitchen things that were missing. We also cleaned out the closets in both of those bedrooms and put shelves in to help with the organization.

After we finish the bedroom tomorrow, we are going to work in our own spaces a little, he will be working in his office and I am working in my craft space. I decided to find a new way to store all my stamps. I have stamps from several different manufacturers. I love the plastic envelopes that my CTMH stamps come in, but I have also put a lot into CD cases. I have decided to go with the CD cases. I bought a tall CD rack at a garage sale for $2.00 and it will hold 200 CD cases. It is tall and skinny and will fit in a corner. So now I am in the process of moving all my clear stamps into CD cases. I used my label maker to make labels with the company name and the stamp set name. I am not going to unmount my wooden ones though. So far most of them are fitting into the CD case, a couple of the D series stamps from CTMH aren't going to work though. My smaller TAC stamps sets also work in the cases. But it is not going very fast! Thanks for reading all the way to the end of this very long post. I am planning to take some time tomorrow to stamp so I will have some pictures to post then.

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One Creative Life said...

Oh my Gina! I always get the urge to do something like that at the worst time. I am also purging the whole house, but only little by litte! I hope you get done early so you can rest up! Good Luck!-Erica