Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book Class

I keep forgetting to post these pictures of a book that I made in a class recently, so here they are! This was from a class that I took at my LSS about a month ago. I have been trying to b ranch out a little and learn some new things and making and altering books really appealed to me. When I saw that my LSS was offering this class, I signed up immediately. We started out with book board, a Basic Gray paper pac(Paper Cottage, I think), thread, needle, card stock, metal embellishments and paper and I made the book that you see here. 

I like these side views, the pattern of the papers show.

Here is the inside. The papers were double sided so that you also have decorated coordinating papers separating sections of the book. 

I think this is the first class that I have take that I have been completely happy with what I have made. I'm not knocking any other class or teacher, usually when I am learning something new it takes me a couple of tries before I have the technique down. Especially if I am doing a lot of folding and cutting. So in a class I usually get the technique down but have to practice it a few times before I am happy with it, but I was happy with this book when I left the class. 

I know I will be making more of these for Christmas gifts, but this one is mine!


MiamiKel said...

LOL!! As it should be, my friend! It's perfect for you! I love the creativity of this and how it has your lil name on the front - sweet!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I love learning new techniques- this is one I have never done- but would love to learn. Love the paper and the fun binding- and I see a tag off the side- Steampunk themed I it!

Kristina said...

Awesome looking book girly!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Oh wow, this is awesome. They are going to make great Christmas gifts!

HappyCrafter said...

WOW, great project! Definitely a worthwhile class!